About Us

     Welcome to Face The Change! Our names are Josh and Breann and we started this company to give environmentally conscious people a sustainable option for face masks. Josh is a Las Vegas DJ and Breann is a high school math teacher. Even though we live very different lifestyles, we are drawn together by our love for travel.  We have traveled to many destinations and have seen first hand the plastic pollution that has taken over some of our Earth's most beautiful places. These experiences have deeply affected us, encouraging us to make changes to our lives in order to reduce our carbon footprint. Since this pandemic started, we have noticed an increase in single use plastics. This sparked the idea to create an eco-friendly necessity to help offset the surge in plastic usage. Not only are the Face The Change masks cute as hell, they are upcycled from post-consumer plastics that pollute our earth. We hope to grow this company into a movement that brings you more eco-friendly solutions. We appreciate you for caring about our planet and supporting a small business.